Why you should always have a book close to you

I always have book near-by

Not a book to read mind you, a book to write in.

“The only thing I have done religiously in my life is keep a journal, I have hundreds of them, filled with feathers, flowers, photographs, and words – without locks, open on my shelves.” Terry Tempest Williams

Let me think back a little bit. The plan was to finish high-school and plop right into uni, no fussing about with gap years or the need to find oneself just straight into the next bit, I had decent grades and thought it was feasible… well that didn’t count for nuts. So there I was, in my room on a dark and damp Friday, (I do my best work on dark and damp Fridays) I spontaneously started a book and given that I had a bloody year to get on with it, I needed a place to store my epiphanies before I forgot them and cussed some unfortunate inanimate object (maybe choke a lamp if you get me). Honestly I can only trust the world-wide web to a point so I decided to have a book were I kept my:

⦁    Ideas for chapters and characters for my novel
⦁    “Epiphanies” that hit me just as abruptly as a stray rugby ball at practice
⦁    Goals and Achievements

The need to have a book or journal close reminds me of a chapter in Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, were Catherine has a conversation with Henry Tilney and he sarcastically implies that all women have a journal and that it’s their secret to excellent writing then Catherine, taking the bait goes on to explain that such talents are fairly divided between sexes.

So here’s why you need a book to write in

Content Creation

Now if you operate in the content creation world you understand that there are very few things more important than content or the ideas you come up with for your blog, channel, or whatever it is. The point is you usually need ideas, lots of them.
 So I constantly and spontaneously came up with ideas and wrote them down until I finished a small manuscript book, got another one then finished that one now I have big ol’ counter book. These books are on my desk next to Manchester United pencil-case, truth is I haven’t even used half the content in them because I feel some aren’t meant for immediate use. Some I may wake up one day with a grin on my face and know it’s time while for some, I’m just a little bit insecure about them but that’s fine.

Creates inspiration

That feeling when you’re struck by an idea and it starts to form in your mind like the start of a kindled fire. You quickly rummage around, find your book, write it down, stop then look at it. There it is, it’s rough, abrupt and a mess of scribbles but it’s a key, a key that will open a door for an inspired story, art-piece, beat, song or a project that you’ll think utterly profound. You’ll store your brain-child away and when the time is right find it again, it will open the door to a project or piece of work that you’ll think utterly profound. Then because you’re talented you’ll do it again.

It becomes your memoir, a collection of your thought processes

As a content creator it’s quite likely that you’ll drive yourself into a creative ditch or writers block as they say. Sometimes the cure to that isn’t from some external form of motivation like a motivational book, (I properly despise those) but sometimes the answer is from within. Maybe you lost that blistering momentum or can’t find your feet, maybe you can’t find those links or feelings that drove the inspired posts or entertaining video ideas, so you go back to your book. You go open your drawer ever so discretely because you’re afraid some schmuck will steal your work, you open the book, flip through the pages and smile as you do so. You laugh at your more immature work then stare proudly at what you think is your best or more inspired idea, slowly that discreet little spark inside you starts to burn again. As you flip through, laugh more and feel prouder, the spark inside you starts to grow and burn until a veld-fire of passion envelopes you and you immediately look for a bank page and start to write. You’re welcome.

One more thing

I don’t think you should take any idea or thought you have for granted. Write it down somewhere, it doesn’t have to be a book, could be on your bedroom wall for all it’s worth (but I shan’t be there when you’re charged with vandalism or when your mother wants to have a quiet word). Point is a little seed can start a beautiful forest.

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