To travel or not to travel…

Think about it

The misty wind caresses your face as you sit on a boulder with the camera you hastily bought yesterday dangling on your chest. You look down at the torrent of water rushing past and down the waterfall. The misty wind fogs up your spectacles so you remove and clean them, when you put them back on the first thing you see as your vision sharpens, is your significant other looking at you with the cheekiest of grins. You can’t help but grin back then look round the environment before you. You close your eyes and absorb the moment, you feel the wet and mossy boulder underneath you, you can hear the waterfall and feel the fog rising from it, you can hear laughter and the clicking of cameras from passing tourists, you laugh and open your eyes to take in the beauty, the brown of the trees, the green of the vegetation and the white of the waterfall, it looks like a perfect painting capturing the perfect moment over and over again. Your body embraces all of this, your lungs feel clear, your body lighter and your mind at peace, it’s such a pristine moment and you can’t get enough of it.

But you really can’t can you. You’re possibly holed up at home or some other four walled confinement. You just might have homework or an assignment due and can’t shake the feeling the last few months have been like a broken record. You might be bored out of your mind and can’t really find that thing that lights the fire in your eyes. And that’s fine. You and I, we would have a good time in a coffee shop spending some few hours just to complain about life.

But we can’t, so I’m here, trying to make you smile.

Alright…Cut to it then

Basically this is a place were I narrate travel scenarios, good times in good places and all of that. This is a place were I make up scenarios and talk about places I’ve never been to but would love to go. It isn’t just limited to traveling either, it could be about sports, food, might even makeup a whole character that goes on these adventures, whatever suites ones fancy it just might be here.

Stay tuned.

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