to travel or not to travel

To Travel or Not to Travel


There’s a big argument going on in my head on what’s more significant to today’s society, Egypt itself or the idea that Egypt has become in the minds of people all over the world


When I think of Japan I’m swarmed by cherry petals of beautiful thoughts. I think of this anime I was really into called Bleach (I recommend) and the constant cameos of Japanese culture and tradition, the bright colors of festivals filling the night sky, the peace and calm of nature I’m yet to embrace.

To travel or not to travel pt 2….Saturday Night Football

You’ve had a horrible week, the boss has been on your case every single day and just had to top it off with an extra shift on a Friday night. Or maybe school was a bust; you got homework from three different teachers and your crush said they just want to be friends, damn. The sun has already set when you finally get out of the pouring your rain and transition straight to your bed. Under the blankets you try to collect your thoughts but its just draining, you put your phone on the charger and switch off the room light. The faint light of your phone illuminates a smile on your face as you wander into your dreams, the focus sharpens on the phone notification, Saturday night football. 

To travel or not to travel…

The misty wind caresses your face as you sit on a boulder with the camera you hastily bought yesterday dangling on your chest. You look down at the torrent of water rushing past and down the waterfall. The misty wind fogs up your spectacles so you remove and clean them, when you put them back on the first thing you see as your vision sharpens, is your significant other looking at you with the cheekiest of grins. You can’t help but…