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Welcome to the Library, here we look at pieces of literature from encyclopedia size novels to the simplest of haiku’s, from a renaissance sculpture to the coolest street art ever seen.

Why literature you might ask?
Well ever since I was little novels and the sort were a big part of how I spent my time. Back then I lived in a town were electricity came and went on a whim, to such a cruel extent it was funny, I was forced to find a way to entertain myself that didn’t include electrical appliances (mind boggling huh). So I went to the school library, got myself a couple of Hardy Boys novels and never turned back.

Since then I’ve delved into all kinds of literature, such as the Shakespeare, Wole Soyinka and Robert Frost collections shoved down our throats in Cambridge Literature along with the past-time novels of Rick Riordan and Dan Brown even a bit of J.K Rowling. In History I sired admiration for the Ancient Egyptians, fascination for Genghis Khan and how you couldn’t have lived in a post colonial nation without at least 2 years study of the World Wars. So its fair to say I’ve read a quite a bit and thoroughly enjoy it, that’s why I’m here writing this, because I enjoy any piece of literature and art and believe that there are more people out there that can concur besides my little sister and the librarian whom unfortunately is the closest form of social interaction I’ve maintained recently.

If you would be so kind as to let me ramble just a bit more I shall quote George R.R Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”   To read is to climb the Great Pyramids of Giza on one occasion, then decide to decode a World War Enigma machine the next. To read is to experience, to trade your perspective for another, to gain knowledge and understanding. To stir the emotions and empathize with the characters before finishing the final page with a knowing smile and a twinkle in the eye that tells all to none but yourself. Its to look at a painting or street art and see someones heart and mind, to see their beliefs on the world and how the world views it, its to see disdain and contempt and to feel joy and excitement. Its to feel the spur of emotions through eyes that are not your own but when finished feel like they are, to embrace another culture, another view, another perspective and make it part of your own. To read is to grow, change, shift yet stay the same. At its core to read is to live many lives in your own.

The First Conclusion
This has been the introduction to the Library chapter of The Sungazers Journal. It will grow and expand, twist and change as I do but one thing will certainly remain the same, the love for the arts and all that resides within it.

Thank you for reading, there is more to come

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