The Feeling

Correct me if I’m wrong but there are moments in life were you feel something odd. You really can’t describe it, you can’t pinpoint and you have no control over when it comes and goes. You could be doing something simple like quietly reading a book on a patio then the smell of freshly baked bread diffuses some kind of chemical in your head that for a split second, for one fleeting moment makes you feel at peace, a moment of pristine calmness and joy floods over you and lingers before vanishing as abruptly as it came. One could argue this feeling is akin to a state of nirvana, and being a writer one would write a poem about it:

He sat there on the creaky wooden chair and felt the still air
The brown and orange hues embraced him in nostalgic care
A man of few pennies, only afforded peace
A gift to many, but few could find with ease

His wise eyes swept across the orchard first
His aged hands brushed his crisp white shirt
He encountered none, but he had the smile of many
He waited for one, the falling sun kept him steady

She came as a phantom, she danced with the light
She swept across the courtyard, to the man in the chair
She touched his heart, a place that never aged
She danced in the light and gave the man a peaceful stare

He clung to it so tightly alas its time was scarce
So he smiled as she danced, as she danced with the light
She touched many so, she filled them with peace
Then retreated to mystery, her dance was the golden fleece

So you get the jist personified by she, it could be a memory, a smell, a place you’ve been or one you’ve only dreamt about. One could also call it an epiphany or sort of like the moment when Harry Potter discovers his Patronus, beautiful.

The point of it is we spend so much time looking at what happened before, and what’s going to happen next (this coming from someone constantly stressed about Uni admission), that we deny ourselves a literal moment. It could be at that moment when you finish a really good book or movie and you breath a sigh of satisfaction and there it is, a simple calm moment that puts a smile across your face. Take the time, go outside for a bit, see the sunset, go for a run and enjoy the air in your lungs. Alas the feeling may not dawn on you and as far as I can tell you can’t go on a journey to become one with its purest form -I bet however a wise monk in a wonderful temple would beg to differ, but still breath, touch, see, listen and be calm in your moment.

Life is a moment, embrace it.

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