How I started writing… A novel

It was around the rainy November of 2019. It was in the afternoon and the electricity had bid us adieu, so there I was with nothing to do, nothing to watch while it rained outside. I hadn’t written any sort of literature since my exams ended so I decided to write a little story to pass the time. I dragged my chair to the open window so I could watch the rain, took out my phone and started to type. After about thirty minutes I stopped, read through my introduction and once I was satisfied with it, shared it with some friends and cousins. The reviews I got were way more positive than I expected (maybe they figured I would bugger off quicker).

Truth is I had already planned to start writing a novel before that day, I had a plot, a character scheme and all that but that didn’t inspire me to actually sit down and write. I quickly learned that with writing I wasn’t the type to have a complete schematic and plot before writing, I worked better when I was “inspired”. Don’t mind me I’m just being cliché.

Of all the things I’ve done growing up. I think things like writing and literature is probably right up there in terms of my aptitude, ability and just having fun. It also gave my imagination a place to go rather than rampage my head like it was straight out off Pandora’s Box. In fact I have story for this, but that’s for another day…

So on this indifferent rainy day I spontaneously wrote an introduction and fell in love with it. So I continued writing and writing then I paused to speak to myself. It went much like this:

Nyasha is sitting on a chair writing then suddenly stops, turns and looks at another Nyasha sitting next to him who pokes him with a pencil.

Nyasha:  Can you stop that man!
Nyasha:  (looking sheepish) Sorry. But I must ask. What the bloody hell are you doing?
Nyasha:  (Pauses and looks at him blankly) I’m climbing a dandy flower mountain.
Nyasha:  Can you be serious for a moment, I’m trying to have a conversation with you.
Nyasha:  Whenever I listen to you something silly happens.
Nyasha:  That’s because you don’t listen properly.
Nyasha:  Half-whit
Nyasha:  Can you listen man!
Nyasha:  Fine. I’m writing.
Nyasha:  Aha! So you’re going to write and write but who’s going to see your work.
Nyasha:  Well… The world will when I publish it.
Nyasha:  So in a year or two isn?
Nyasha:  I guess so.
Nyasha:  You do realise it takes years to get published, you also don’t know any publishers and in an increasingly competitive world why would they publish your work out of the thousands they have.
Nyasha:  You’re going to give me a nose bleed.
Nyasha:  What about this though guv. You write yeah, but as you write, post it on some interactive site for readers and writers, so you can get feedback on your work and all that sort. This way you have an idea of what the world thinks of your work and even get exposure.
Nyasha:  Alright fair, what platform you thinking of?
Nyasha:  Wattpad.
Nyasha:  (Groans in contempt) not the one with the vampires, werewolves and soddy clichés!
Nyasha:  Give it a chance, not all of it is soddy and you just might find others like you inside you know.
Nyasha:  Alright bet.
Nyasha:  Oh by the way mum has been calling for you, something about washing the plates….
Nyasha:  Well you go do it.
Nyasha:  Can’t mate, figment of your imagination.
Nyasha:  Damn.

So with that conversation and some advice from a few friends I started writing on Wattpad. The novel’s going along well and I’m quite proud of it. I read somewhere that in order for you to be successful, you more than anyone must believe in the plan you made and the quality of your work. Point is, believe in yourself and what you’re doing before you try to make other people believe in it. That’s what I’m trying to do with Maestro (my novel), like The Journal it just happened like a flame in thin air and I’ve been following it ever since.

I’ve never been one to talk publicly about my hopes and aspirations I lean more to do it quietly so this is all I have to say.
I started writing a novel
And it’s been great fun.

What have you been up to? Let me know down in the Comments!

The link to Maestro


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