Daniel Craig’s James Bond films Ranked

After four films of gentlemanly snarkiness and cinematic joy along with his last film “No Time To Die” to be released in 2021, it’s soon time the world bids farewell to Daniel Craig as the coveted James Bond. Before the final curtain raiser I think it fitting to round up his Bond films and in a moment of nostalgia, rank the last four James Bond films played by Daniel Craig.

So without further adue, the rankings are as follows.


4. Quantum of Solace

We find Quantum of Solace in fourth not because it’s a bad movie, on the contrary it is just about decent (slight choke on my own words). However, it could never match up to the same standard as the others. One reason for that being is that it sequeled Casino Royale, which set an overshadowing benchmark that Quantum of Solace could not step up to. If one is to be crude, you could say Quantum of Solace portrays a vengeful, sad man letting off some steam. But we aren’t crude here are we, a decent enough movie but nonetheless bottom of the ladder.

3. Spectre


Here’s the interesting bit, you go to a regular viewer and ask them if Spectre was a good Bond film they’ll probably nod in agreement, however if you ask the same question to an avid Bond fan they’ll probably arch an eyebrow. It’s also interesting how Spectre and Skyfall are closely related in terms of their “exuberance” in fights, explosions and that sort. Were one would, therefore exceed the other would be in the “Bond factor”, the gentlemanly prowess that brings a bit of a laugh, the infatuation with women, the gadgets and Aston Martins, the essence of who James Bond is.

It’s possible that if Spectre had come before Skyfall, criticism about it would not have been so harsh but just like Quantum of Solace it simply couldn’t meet the standard made. Also considering that despite the star studded cast, the beautiful locations and action scenes the overall execution didn’t really meet the expectation and for a Bond film the grit scenes were a bit too gritty. In that case Spectre came up just short, but it is still a wonderful and entertaining film.

2. Skyfall


If you disagree, I have to say I’m just slightly disappointed in you but we’ll continue as soon as you’re done complaining. Done? Let’s get on with it then.

The fact that Skyfall is second doesn’t diminish how good it is as a film. In fact it does more to show just how brilliant first place is. Skyfall had just about everything one would want in a Bond film. The beautiful car, picturesque locations, the beautiful, strong women, a loathsome villain and last but not least, a James Bond who fights with a chip on his shoulder but walks and speaks with the grace of a man that knows no burden. The story-line despite a few ifs was simple and easy to follow, and the action scenes were some to cheer for. Skyfall is without a doubt a good movie and should not look despondently at its silver medal but wear it with pride, it deserved it.

1. Casino Royale


It must be strange that over the years of fight scenes, and explosions in filming, we come back to what might be Daniel Craig’s tamer Bond film and hail it the victor. Maybe that is what made it so special.
In that movie we saw a few things I don’t think we expected. James Bond was darker, grittier and more realistic, yet he was affectionate, the serial womaniser turned romantic. M who did well to show stern supervision over her Bond yet showed little moments of motherly affection. The two Aston Martins in the film I must say did well to portray what this Bond film represented, the classic nature of the DB5 portrayed who James Bond was, thrust into the modern 21st century in a beautiful DBS with that suave and cool demeanour still. All this supported by applaudable performances, the most eye-catching film sets, and Mr Craig’s “smile” made a film that deserves a lot more than a metaphorical laurel wreath and a standing ovation.

As the actor of the movie that waltzed James Bond into the 21st century (key word waltzed, Die another Day was more of a rough and tumble) it must be said that he did an exceptional job of it. He has one more left so it is too soon to say farewell, so rather…

Thank you 007

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to watch Casino Royale, again.

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