Bits of Converstion -Vanessa on her day in the life of a blogger

I hope you’re having a good day, and whether or not you are I hope it gets better.

Right then.

On this little segment here I have another familiar face on the Journal, her name is Vanesssa. She took part in the 11 on 11 segment a while back and has graciously agreed to spare a bit of her time to talk about the nitty gritty of blogging, the day in the life aspect of it I mean. If you don’t know her I strongly suggest you get acquainted with her 11 on 11 as well as her blog KISSMYOPINIONS, its worth the read and honestly so is this conversation so without further adieu

Here’s Vanessa’s take on BC!

Take a peek inside the Journal

Saturday Night Football

you got homework from three different teachers and your crush said they just want to be friends, damn...

2020 on a train

except this time they didn’t prevent the outbreak, tragic

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Hello Vanessa😇

Hey Nyasha 😀

How are you doing today

I’m good good I hope you are too

Im hanging in there

That’s all we have to do sometimes right

Honestly especially the chaos of this pandemic. Its been a nightmare finding the strength to even write

Yeah that silver lining seems to get fainter and fainter but it’s still there

Anyway we are here for a bit of conversation, particularly on your blogging day in the life. Would you say you have all the time in the world to blog or you really have to find the time?

I really have to find the time to blog. I work quite long hours during the week so I really have to set aside time otherwise I wont get anything written

What would you say is your usual blogging time, and if you have a sort of schedule what does it look like?

I aim for jotting down ideas as they come to me and bookmarking any applicable tweets etc first then I start the first draft on a Wednesday evening. I pick at it on Thursdays then I get it ready on Friday adding any graphics doing any last proof readings and then get it ready to go live on Saturday by 6PM

So you’re already a go-getter with the long hours of work and you probably have other commitments. What is it about writing, about blogging that makes you put the time, effort and energy?

I like it as an outlet like a mind dump, I tend to have a lot of thoughts rattling around and writing helps me organise my thoughts, blogging these thoughts helps me because I feel like I can communicate my thoughts.

And I’ve found that blogging has helped people and that brings me some joy

To an extent blogging or any form of content creation isn’t a straight line, it has it’s ups and downs. Have you ever fallen out of love with blogging or just felt the need to take a break, if so why?

Oh yes numerous times actually!

I just had no energy to write I felt like nobody was engaging with it and I felt nobody was seeing it so I started feeling so deflated however I had to reasses why it was I started blogging and got back into it

That’s a common theme isn’t it. At the same time there are moments in content creation were it all just seems blissful. Have you had those moments of joy with blogging?

Yes! January this year! Funnily after I finally revamped my blog, did a swift logo rebrand I had a burst of energy and I was thrilled to see what I had created

Earlier you mentioned that making time to blog isn’t exactly the easiest task so, if you had a perfect day of blogging, or perfect day with blogging, what would that look like for you?

It would be waking up, getting my fitness class done then get 1-2 posts drafted

What motivated you to start blogging in the first place

I used to write a lot as a child even into my early teens mainly fictional stories and then one day the name kissmyopinions just popped into my head and I decided I wanted to share my writings with the world if I could

😂cool name

On your blog you write on a lot of things, dating and relationships, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle. What would you say is the topic that draws you in the most and if you have one, your favourite article?

I don’t have any particular topic on my blog I gravitate towards, I tend to write based on a topic of interest I stumble across on the internet and I think my favourite post is Becoming Vanessa it was the most open I had ever been with complete strangers and was such a therapeutic piece for me to put out there

Have you ever faced criticism on or because of your blog and if so how did you cope with it?

Luckily no I haven’t as of yet!

Do you have a goal or achievement that you’re aiming for through blogging whether or not this affects other aspects of your life, if so what is it and why?

I am hoping to eventually launch it into a platform to amplify black voices and our opinions and our stories

😇Can’t wait to see that happen!

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