Album Review -Lost and Found by Jorja Smith

You’ve had the same playlist for weeks if not months. You long from that beautiful jolt of passion and inspiration from music but these tracks you’re scrolling through just don’t cut it anymore.

Everythings gone stale.

If so, I deeply recommend the not so current but more than worthy “Lost and Found” album by the R&B maestro, Jorja Smith.

It’s no idle fact that Jorja Smith has made the musical world her own not just in the UK but all over the world with her soulful words and catchy tunes that bring something “different”, something “personal”, something you would play in your car on a nice little trip with pretty views and wonderful smells or in your home exhumed by deep thought and introspection. But lets track back a bit to 2018, when the then musical prodigy expresses herself in the 12 track album and steals the world’s hearts.

It’s fair to say the album has some variety, from deep and engrossing violin laced tracks like “The One” to more upbeat tunes like “Lifeboats”.

In the album she is expressive. She doesn’t seem to be pushing for a certain demographic, moving towards the themes that target the biggest market or listeners. She’s putting pen on paper, hooks to rifts and making tracks of her own liking, with her own personal touch. They have a sense of freedom laced within them. They aren’t the most heartbreaking tracks nor are they the most upbeat popstar bangers. It’s more like all of those catchy tunes, the upbeat tracks, the somber lines and heartbreaking verses all swirl like an orbit around her poignant voice and she’s catching them and mixing them around to make 12 tracks that you don’t usually come across anywhere, makes them special.

Whats most fascinating about all the tracks is this interconnected relationship between the songs and the artist. You can feel her own emotions pouring through the tracks, such as “Goodbyes”, you can almost feel her dismay through the poetic lyrics that ripple down your spinal cords, you can tell that each song, each lyric and beat was birthed by her emotional and mental intensity, along with a bit of artist’s creativity.

Lost and Found also does a bit of educating. “Blue Lights” is a clear indicator of social awareness, a story of the community sown into the lyrics. It tells a story of police brutality and the relationship between the community, specifically “the young black boys” and the police. It shows her ability to shed light on social issues, quite similar to her more recent song “By Any Means” whose lyrics and music video depicts a diverse community and the strength in adversity that comes with it.

Lost and Found is more or less an expression of herself. Yet it invokes more than the simple term “expression”. It’s deep, questioning, provoking, emotional, and everything you would expect from the young talent.

Lost and Found I repeat, a deep recommend.

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