About Me

Well from the home page you will see my name is Nyasha M Jawa, Zimabwean born and raised as well black like Kaldur’ahm. I have interests in a lot of things, don’t know a lot of things and think about these things a lot of the time, at least when I’m not watching sports or The Grand Tour or something.

2020. That’s my answer.

Not satisfied? Fine.

The plan was to belt high school and my A levels then jump straight into uni, 2020 had different plans. In this blank space that 2020 had become a lot of people all over the world over time were forced into a time of introspection, myself included.

I wanted 2020 to mean something, I wanted to improve, level up and do something I really enjoyed. Something I felt passionate about which improved myself and others, like you lovely people, I wanted to win.

So from that The Sungazers Journal was born.

Spread love, Spread positivity, Spread the idea of diversity, Spread ideas.
Learn from the Journal, learn from the readers, learn from the people I work with through the Journal.
Enjoy the writing, enjoy the reading, enjoy the Journal.

Essentially Spread, Learn and Enjoy.

The sunset and sunrise come and go every day, it doesn’t make them any less fascinating though.

Find the fascination.