A Vice

Whether you believe in Christianity, Islam, Paganism, or Humanism there has always been a theme through time over humanity’s mastery over all else. Whether it was mastery over the earth, mastery in matriarchy, patriarchy or even anarchy the train of thought was always that one is truly elite when one has mastery over the greater majority in any sense. Today it’s more of the CEO type trend, the self-made, self-employed type trend, that ability to impose your force, your will on others therefore makes you elite, makes you superior, makes you master. These days mastery seems to lean more in the capicity of success you have and not in the depth of it. The idea that money and power seems to be the goal, why have the money and power one could ask, for the respect and pride you gain another could answer.

Man and women crave the crown, hunt for the crown, claim the crown and lay it on their heads for all to see. Kings and Queens, what is the crown?

The maddening thing is the matter of gain. The need to gain, and gain, and keep on gaining seems to be the prevalent aptitude for mastery, not the depth within the cause, the self inspired discovery of the chalice, not the questions that arise within yourself and instead of looking within your for the answer, one looks at others. One climbs the ladder and forces the answer, money, power, respect and pride one could gain as the answer. Don’t misunderstand me however in thinking these aren’t things of significance, well of course they are but were do they come from is a question; do they come from the desire to achieve the social personification of mastery? Do they come from a need to cover the deep wounds of insecurity with millions upon millions? Or do they come from a talent, a passion, a drive that sparks lightning in the eyes and roars thunder in the heart that fate has granted wealth? What’s the point of this mastery.

I am not a sage, nor am I a socialite or a qualified psychologist so there’s a chance you may be a few apples short of a basket if you were to stake a pound of flesh on my ramblings but hold on a minute. There’s another sort of mastery it seems, it’s not as loud, headstrong or boastful as the other. This one seems a bit more shy, it doesn’t impose but lingers, it’s not loud but memorable, it doesn’t cut and plunder but grows and spreads. This is the mastery over oneself, the ability to grow, learn, dream and thrive in ones passion. To understand yourself, to know what is you find important, to know what it is you want, you stand for and stand by, it’s many things this mastery is, it could be self-love, self-peace, self-growth and it could be for others, it could be mastery over one’s mind, body and soul. These days it could be such a thing as following a dream, nurturing a passion or trusting ones intuition over a prevailing force. It’s ones identity, one’s self discovery, not mastery over others but mastery over your own mind and being. Once you have that ability, once you are who you are, I imagine you are truly Maestro (Master).

Have a good day.

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