A moment to explain


You might have a few questions, let me try to answer them

[So what’s happening?]

Well right now I’m in my res room, listening to Frank Ocean and being a generic stiff (new word, don’t bother asking what it means).

[No, I mean whats been happening?]

Oh! So I’m attending university because I have been made aware I have enough brain cells to qualify. I’ve been here for a few days now, before that I was running around preparing and spending time with some family. Currently I’m attending Orientation week which has been quite hectic but quite the experience.

[Why haven’t you posted?]

Like I said, new uni life, hectic orientation week and I’m adjusting to a different country, different culture and all that so yeah. It’s not that I have nothing for the Journal either, there’s actually some pretty good content in the back-burner, just bear with me a moment, I won’t take too long.

[So how’s university life]

Can’t say I’ve really experienced “university”, more like “uni res life” and honestly the only way I could explain is by sitting you down at a cool little coffee shop and showing you a power-point presentation and those blurbs in therapy scenes. All I can say is, it’s been an experience.

[Miss home?]

That’s not a Journal related question, but sure I do.

[Would you post an article/s about uni life?]

Usually that’s for vloggers but sure why not, I might just do it.

[Does the Journal interrupt this new experience or does the new experience interrupt the Journal?]

Frankly neither. The Journal is where a part of me resides and this new experience has become a big part of my life. It’s more about finding a balance between the two and finding time to keep up with the Journal. The motive is still burning.

[Do you have 9 cats?]

No, that’s not a-

[Are you afraid of numbers?]

Deathly, but that’s still not a que-

[What do you think about Dumbledore being a-]

Right then, due to lapses of concentration I must stop and sign off.

Good day

[What two things can you never eat for breakfast?]

Shut up.

More content coming soon, I think, maybe, honestly we’ll see.

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