A bit of uni advice, just a bit

Disclaimer: So this was meant for Sunday but its Monday/Tuesday so errrr…

We’ll just do a nostalgic take like Hugh Grant narrating to Charlie Hunnam on The Gentlemen.

So  “Like in a book, a play, or a film. But not digital, not on a memory stick, analogue, chemical process, keep the grain in the picture I say, old-school, 35 mill. Seeing this through a lens I am, and I want you to join me on this theatrical journey, coz it is theatre Pete.” –The Gentlemen

So  I’ve just finished two weeks of university orientation -one week was res orientation which means being introduced to the culture, tradition and structure of the res you’ve joined, being shown how to navigate around the area, how to use your student card, operating in the facilities like the dining hall, laundry rooms and all that good stuff. The second week was Academic orientation which was online and was basically an introduction into the faculty you’ve been admitted to, the different courses o take, the registration process and how lectures and practicals will be done in a Covid-19 aware environment.

It has been a pretty enjoyable experience, hectic but enjoyable still. The whole time being in a new environment, getting to meet and interact with people from different backgrounds and doing new things or things I never thought I would have to do again.

Also keeping in mind that parts of orientation can be stressful like choosing what to do or not do in terms of registration, being prepared for the academics to start (which I am not) and making sure you have things in order.

From this experience I learnt a few things which I would like to share with you, it’s not particularly detailed or in depth, if you would like something like that let me know and I’ll be straight on it but for now…

Here are few pointers on starting out University Life.


Now after you’ve listened to that dreary lecture let me give you a thorough explanation of what we did during the first week of orientation

  • Obviously we moved into res and got acclimated to that lifestyle and environment
  • We sang
  • We sang a whole lot
  • We had  a bunch of socials
  • Few misdemeanors here and there, you know, typical stuff
  • We were serious about learning the res culture and tradition too, very serious business
  • And yeah, the rest is bound to secrecy. You want  to know then join (you don’t look for us we find you).

And during Academic Orientation

  • Sat in front of a laptop
  • Sat in front of a laptop for a hot minute
  • Registered for modules
  • Generally stressed about life with systematic lapses of introspection
  • Did my best to avoid anything with numbers (deathly allergic, dm for my doctors note)

Safe to say one was more fun than the other but you know its University we’re here to learn, grow, become better members of the international community and occasionally lose a few brain cells



Couldn’t explain even if I tried…

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