3 months as a blogger -what nobody told me about it

To be fair, I didn’t know anyone when I started…

3 months of blogging doesn’t sound like much considering that I know people who’ve been doing it for years. So I’m a rookie then, the new lad on the beat, the wet behind the ears sort of fellow. Which is alright, I’m trying my best in this surprisingly dense jungle of content creation.

However, in my few months on the beat I have developed a bit of learned stubble (not in real life though, I still look like a sprightly fellow, which is rather annoying), so here’s what I’ve learnt about blogging and content creation in the last few months.

Nobody Cares
It’s true, do you care? I doubt it, but you’re here and that’s good enough. But honestly, when you start you’re excited and jittery because you have this whole new environment of content creation to navigate, but the thing is you’re truly the only one who cares about that. There are hundreds of talented writers and youtubers around, that the generic person is interested in, now you’re here with the herculean task of making those people interested in whatever it is you’re on about (truth is, 3 months in I’m not that better off either). Nobody cares, it’s true so make them care.

Nobody still cares
Picture this, you’re on your laptop for hours writing an article or editing a video, when you’re done you look at this wonderful little brain-child you’ve made and you’re so proud of it. You promote it, use whatever form of social media you have and finally post it and wait for the herd of views, likes and comments. Then nothing, the room that is your viewer engagement is so empty and quiet you could hear a pin drop. Horrible, true story as well. It might happen to you, be ready if not, I’m here for you (laughs cynically).

Again nobody bloody ca-
I’m joking, that’s the pessimist talking, or is it?

It’s a lot of work
(Talks in Drake because it seems that’s the only person you people will listen to) I will not lie to you, don’t let nobody lie to you. It’s a lot of work, but it also depends though, if you’re willing to put in the hours. And if you love it, you’ll enjoy it.

Collaborations are a slippery slope
I’ll be honest, for myself collaborating is one of the most enjoyable things I do. However, it can have it’s issues such as; you could be completely ignored which results in excessive knife sharpening, you may not find common ground with the person you intend to work with, it may take a long time to reach the end product so I discourage poor behavior and wishing them a nice fall down a cliff and finally, you may work on a project for hours, days or even weeks just to have it flushed drown the drain for something morbidly stupid, in that case I suggest you consult a Mr John Wick for your grievances.


Collaborations are brilliant

-and no I am not bipolar

You get to talk to, develop connections with and generally enjoy some of the best company. I’ve been lucky enough to work with talented and brilliant souls who love what they do and do so well to spread that energy, I suggest you find such people and do the same, and yes I am one of those people.

The work is fulfilling
It really is. If it hadn’t been for the Journal I wouldn’t have come across Small Axe, Parasite, or learnt about modern art, learnt what Mozart theory was or much else for that matter. That along with the sense of fulfilment, pride, and joy that you feel when you finish a blog or YouTube post, it’s those little accomplishments that you keep building up on and take in your stride that lead to the big finishes (truth be told I’m still waiting on mine).

It’s great fun
If you don’t enjoy it, then why bother.

It’s a passion
There will be testing times, that’s a given. Some of the time you might even have to consider shying away from the work for a bit and that’s alright. But if you love it, if every time you get on with it something stirs inside you or a spark ignites then you’ve got a good thing going.

β€œFind a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Mark Twain

If blogging, youtubing or whatever, is what you enjoy doing and realistically if you’re good at it go do it and if you’re not good at it then get to work. At the start of the decade Jamie Vardy was a football nobody, just slipping into a professional contract, now he’s ending it with a golden-boot record and a fairy-tale story Premier League title. True, we all can’t be Jamie Vardy’s, but we owe it ourselves to try.

Have fun.


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