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To debut the 11 on 11 articles I have Thandi. A sports blogger whose love for the blues -Chelsea FC can possibly only be seconded by her sports blog Pitch Patrol. Here’s Thandi’s 11 on 11

1.Well…Who are you?
I’m Thandi. Maybe the most random person on the block but definitely a soccer lover, first and foremost a Chelsea fan.

2.What drove you to start a blog?
My first blog, I honestly can’t remember what drove me. It’s more social commentary and just random thoughts. Pitch Patrol on the other hand, my mad soccer passion was bubbling and it had to go somewhere.

3.What else draws your heart and drives your interest?
It’s just passion to be honest. Passion is what keeps me going even when I don’t want to.

4.Your most cherished achievement and your greatest adversity?
I am my greatest adversity. I keep pulling myself back, fighting my own brilliance, giving myself half hearted things when I should go the whole way. Procrastination. Some times I think, if I’d actually carried out everything I canceled or postponed, where would I be?

My most cherished achievement. I honestly can’t put a finger on it. Maybe I’m just too hard on myself. But I did graduate with a best research project in my department.

5.A book, a movie and an album
I can’t pinpoint one but there’s a song by Asaph that pushes me

6.you have a mantra, quote or idea that you live by?

None. At all. But of late I hang on to Asaph’s aspheli Moya. It just reminds you to keep going even when things are tough.

7.Describe how it feels and how it looks when you’re in your element

Lool!! It looks like me writing and writing and listening to music and dancing.

8.If you could travel to three locatons of your choice then finally sit down and have a heart to heart with one person, where and who?
Gosh, I would travel to Italy, France and London -Stamford Bridge to be specific. I’d sit down with Frank Lampard and actually discuss his journey as Chelsea’s manager.

9.If you were to describe your life, passions, and ideals in aesthetics what would it be?
Blank space here😂

10.What time period would you visit in history?

I’ve never been a throwback person. I’m so focused on the future. What happened happened.

11.What is the closest thing to real magic?

Nature. Goodness me!! Every little thing about nature is just something else. I love travelling and the beauty of nature is what keeps life beautiful.

⦁One more thing, ask me anything.

If you could have a conversation with one person who is dead, who would it be and what would you say to them?

[ Thomas Sankara, I would ask him about what made him proud and what made him regretful during his time as President and also what he thinks should be done about today’s Africa.]

Make sure to check out her blog Pitch Patrol!

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