11 on 11 -Nyasha M Jawa (well me)

Good day to you.

Today on the 11 on 11 segment we have none other than Nyasha Jawa who coincidentally has been duped into doing his own 11 on 11 by Rogers and is now speaking to you in the third person because he’s not entirely sure on how to go about this.

If this is confusing I suggest you picture me interviewing myself, that is much more sensible.

Anyway here’s Nyasha’s take on his own 11 on 11!

1.    Well…Who are you?

Well my name is Nyasha Munyaradzi Jawa, Zimbabwean born and raised. As of 2020 I have been blogging, writing and doing the occasional sunset watching. I could name all the things I’m interested in but to save you the trouble and time, lets just say I’m interested in a lot and whatever has that new paperback book smell.

2.    What drove you to start a blog?

It started in 2020 when I didn’t have much to and was sort of forced into a state of mind were I needed something to do that improved myself, my ability and gave me the chance to explore my passions. From all that foamy primordial ooze emerged The Journal (yes, the thing you’re reading right now).

3.    What else draws your heart and drives your interest?

I love to read, I love to learn new things and to have that in storytelling form I think is brilliant, whether it’s about history, science, art or generic adolescent or adult tribulation its all fair game. All forms of literature, sports -watching and playing, writing, extrospection, introspection the whole lot is alright with me (just don’t come round expecting a conversation about star signs, I’m not having it), and I dibble and dabble in the occasional cynicism.

4.    Your most cherished achievement and your greatest adversity?

It’s probably not my most significant achievement but starting for my school’s Rugby first team was an important one because unlike lets say school were I felt I had to do well by default, this was something I wanted to do for myself, it was something I set out to do and I genuinely had to work hard to achieve it so, when I did it was a proper lesson to myself that if I put the work in and trust the process it surely will happen and that’s something I always carry with me.

5.    A book, a movie and an album

Book –The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Movie –James Bond Golden Eye

Album –Yours To Keep by Sticky Fingers

6.    Do you have a mantra, quote or idea that you live by?

Not really but whenever I’m in a bit of a conundrum I always think up a silly joke or something funny I’ve seen, laugh dryly and get on with it.

7.    Describe how it feels and how it looks when you’re in your element

It’s probably that moment when I’m training, writing, in a game or in the shower and I’m really immersed in what I’m doing. Like it’s a sort of adrenaline rush or dopamine effect, everything is pulsing through my head and I can see things happening inside and it’s all brilliant. At that moment all I want to do is write down as much or move as much as I can before the moment goes and when it finally does I think back on it like , “wow, that’s one hell of a brain child.”

8.    If you could travel to three locations of your choice then finally sit down and have a heart to heart with one person, where and who?

Egypt, Pompeii and Old Trafford then have a heart to heart with 11 year old me

9.    If you were to describe your life, passions, and ideals in aesthetics what would it be?

Have you ever seen that moment when the sun and the moon are in the sky at the same time, the sky is orange-purple and there are clouds everywhere? Right freeze-frame that, add a lightning bolt somewhere and there you have it.

10.    What time period would you visit in history?

t = 0, that is the moment when everything happened, Genesis, Big Bang, the beginning, alpha. As much as I would want to see it, sometimes I think it dreadful if we actually could, quite a mad venture isn’t it, and yet we are a mad species.

Finally, I got to say something profound and clever.

11.    What is the closest thing to real magic?

Imagination, simply imagination (except for those moments when you imagine spiders or snakes in your bed, then it’s terrible).

⦁    One more thing, ask me anything.

[Do you have a girlfriend?]

No, now shut up

[Oooo, Nyasha has a girlfriend!]

Can you shu-

[Is your girlfriend a giiirrrlll, with a girrrllll face and giiirrlll hair-]

Right we’re done here, goodbye.

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