11 on 11 -Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu

If the first few days 2021 have been some what thought provoking, then the kick-off interview of 11 on 11 by Musanjufu B Kavubu will be hearty food for thought. Master of many, he is an avid writer and curator of Benjamin Watch, his own space on the world wide web.

Here’s Musanjufu’s take on the 11 on 11.

1. Well…Who are you?
I am Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu son of Samuel Kavubu Kamya, grandson of Elisaninia Kamya who was a son of Ziva-Okumu from Singo County in Bugsnda. I am many things, I studied procurement and still a scholar of supply chain. I practiced the craft in a government setting for a while, I can’t not say I am an accountant because according to the Ugandan law to be one, you must have become a CPA and I am still a student of ICPAU. A process I am going about at a slow pace because of finances and time. I deal in construction and property management an expanse I think I can even advise on with a few write ups under my belt. I am a blogger, self-made and I do it to pass time but with tremendous ambition behind it. I am a progressive millennial with an open mind to the world I find myself in. Sometimes I come off as a Marxist but capitalism needs to be reinvented. I am a sports man and I play rugby in the Ugandan lower league for a club called Kyambogo Rugby. I love poetry and I associate with two poetry groups Inknet and Kwebunga. I try my best not to miss a poetry event every week even on zoom now.

2. What drove you to start a blog?
When I started Benjamin Watch 4 years ago I wanted to share with the world things I thought were substantial to the world but a bit hidden from the public. My main area was geopolitics and deep politics weaved with selfish capitalism. Later I picked up storytelling. Now I blog to stimulate whoever reads to find out more about what is happening. I started a blog because I can speak and have words inside me, I started a blog because I can write.  A blog should add value to the readers and time. These blogs are like rock paintings to those who will come after us.

3.What else draws your heart and drives your interest?
Humanity I would say. So long as something is not barbaric and animalistic or bestial I would want to be a part of it. So long as other people will find delight in something and it’s not necessarily about money.

4. Your most cherished achievement and your greatest adversity?
Being alive in a world where anything can kill you. For former and the latter a heart-break maybe I am not sure. But the direction of the social setting of my country terrifies me.

5. A book, a movie and an album
I like fictitious books they make sense and are true so I will go with “Kane and Abel” by Jeffrey Archer. Movie “Boyhood” I related to the story, broken family and how millennials grow up and it’s long more than 3 hours, after 12 years being made, making it a master piece of cinema. I don’t know why it only managed only one Oscar but making it to the Academy is no easy fit for any movie. Album at the moment “Folklore” by Taylor Swift, I will make sense about this choice after the Grammys.

6. Do you have a mantra, quote or idea that you live by?
These change a lot but “We don’t want war, but we are not scared by it if it comes. We shall not hesitate to protect ourselves or fight back if attacked” by Hassan Saide Nasslulah the head of Hezbollah, a political party in Lebanon and a terrorist organization according to the United States and Israel. We live in a world where war comes from places like family and personal businesses so we have to be ready to fight to fit in Darwin’s theory of survival for the fittest. Legacy is a thing.

7. Describe how it feels and how it looks when you’re in your element
Can’t describe this, but I will try. I think this happens when I am swimming. I only do when I am in the right state of mind happy or sad. It also happens when I am on the rugby pitch. The game for me is an escape from the world. Finding joy in violence and pain can not be explained until one experiences it. But with those like myself. If you are confused its because feelings of your element are not easy to describe.

8. If you could travel to three locations of your choice then finally sit down and have a heart to heart with one person, where and who?
Let me start by naming the three people who I don’t have, I don’t even know if I will ever get them. A spouse, a daughter, and a son. On a ranch anywhere, I don’t think our talk would happen while sitting in one place. With a daughter in a car teaching them how to drive, I don’t mind if we talked about which direction birds fly to in the morning. Finally Son in the bar having his first beer with me.

9. If you were to describe your life, passions, and ideals in aesthetics what would it be?
Adorable, I base this on how people periodically talk to me.

10. What period would you visit in history?
For an African setting which we ignore or writers ignore. 1812 to 1880, I want to experience life as it is in my great grandfather’s journal.

11. What is the closest thing to real magic?

⦁One more thing, ask me anything.

What is life to you?

[The bottomless pit that is a bottle of rum.]

[I joke, too much Pirates of the Caribbean.]
[I would say life in my mind is like the sun. It will rise, it will fall, it will be born everyday and it will die everyday. But in it’s short life it will climb up the sky, sit on the clouds and try to touch every single life in its horizon and spread it’s glowing energy, then when it’s done it will smile contently, lumber down the starry steps and go to rest.
Life is short, life is a regularity yet life is special, a gift few people get the chance of using to its full potential or even properly enjoy. Life is fleeting, life is life.]

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