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On today’s 11 on 11 segment we have a bit of sunshine for you who haven’t seen it for a while. It comes in the form of Chloe Carterr she is a ” a multifaceted 22 year old creative based in London!

As well as being a fine art undergraduate university student, having her work exhibited at Theatre Peckham, OXO Tower Wharf Gallery and the Islington Arts factory. The award winning artist and YouTuber is NOT camera Shy! With over 20 thousand Instagram followers ( @Chloe_Carterr) merges art, YouTube, Fashion/Modelling and Spoken word poetry.In just under a year, Carterr with 2 Rs has headlined live and virtual shows such as Conversations with the constellations, Da poetry Jam, Young,Gifted and Talented , BlackloveStories and BYOB! Also the multi business owner has commissioned art for UK YouTube sensations such as Kaiser Coby and Mayweathers’ pro boxer, Viddal Riley.

The award winning artist looks at the intricacy of themes such as: self love,empowerment, identity, and the power of vulnerability

Her creativity is more than just a performance, it’s an experience that you need be a part of!”


Here’s Chloe’s 11 on 11 !

1. Who are you?

I’m still figuring this question out everyday! My name is Chloe Carterr With 2 Rs! I am 22 years old and I am based in London(UK)! While I study fine art I also Have my own YouTube channel, art blog @ChloecarterrwithCrafts and perform spoken-word poetry around the City and also influence with my Instagram following having over 20 thousand people (@Chloe_Carterr)

2. What drove you to start a blog?

I think the need to document my life and my experiences! I understood that a lot of the things I go through isn’t just for me to experience, others need to experience it as well! I try to make my blog as introspective and as personal as I can one great example is my poem titled “A poem you need to hear” it’s very vulnerable and it’s all the things I needed at a particular time in my life and when I performed it, others needed it to!

3. What else draws your heart and your interest!

The feeling of being alive, being mindful and present ! I have a love for helping people heal, I do it through art, my words and my funny YouTube videos! I know a good Funny YouTube video has the ability to change someone’s whole day! I also know that you can hear all the things you need to hear from just one line in a spoken word poem! I constantly want to be a better person! The best version of myself draws my heart and interests but simultaneously I don’t dis-regard who I’ve been in the past, I learn and heal from it so I’m better in the future!

4. Your most cherished achievements and greatest adversity!

I feel like there’s not one moment I can choose and if there is it’s probably somewhere in the future! I’ve really been focusing on the meticulous things in life so my cherished achievement is probably “still being alive”

My greatest adversity is probably the voices in my head that tell me “don’t do that” or “that ideas stupid” so sometimes I fight against my own thoughts and ability to have motivation! But remembering why I started keeps me going!

5. A book, a movie and an album

A book: Maui the cheat code!

A movie: Disney’s Soul

A album: every Drake album but I’ll go with ‘Nothing was the same’ as the best Drake album

6. Do you have a quote or mantra that you live by?

My Quote: “be yourself, you do that the best”

7. Describe how it feels and how it looks when you’re in your element

Omg this is such a difficult question! It’s a zone, time goes by and I don’t even notice it passing! It’s exciting, calm, you surrender , it’s peaceful and it’s literally a flow, you let things happen and the outcomes amazing!

8. If you could travel to three locations of your choice then finally sit down and have a heart to heart with one person, where and who?

I would travel to Hawaii , my bedroom (I really love my bedroom) and the future,
I would choose to have a conversation with my future self! A part of me feels confused at times and the future me is the only person I can ask if this all makes sense!

9. If you were to describe your life, passions, and ideals in aesthetics what would it be?

It would probably be written quotes, plants, paint brushes, blank canvases and a camera

10. What time period would you visit in history?

I’d probably go back to the 60’s! I’m here for the Afro’s and the emergence of Civil right movements!

11. What is the closest thing to real magic?

The closest thing to real magic is having children, even though I haven’t got any yet, I still think that, that moment must be magical, it’s like you bring something into the world and it exists! That is magic!

[One more thing, ask me anything.]
I love this question! I love how the script got flipped!!!!

I’ll ask you to name all the things you’re grateful for, then say thank you for all the things you may have forgot to be thankful for ( it’s usually the little things, like breathing, being healthy or being able to eat today that we forget about)

[Hmm lets see, well I just recently had surgery so I’m grateful that went well, I’m grateful for family, friends, the day to day, the Journal, you lot, education, and the nice lady at the hospital who told me a cool story.]

Many thanks.

[The pleasure’s all mine!]

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